“Area employers urged to forbid foul language”

Employers who allow swearing and sexual references in the workplace could find themselves in, well, ‘blankety-blank’ trouble with the federal government. Policies prohibiting foul language and swearing were recommended by leaders of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?s district office in Cleveland who spoke to 150 human resources managers, union representatives, and legal aid workers at a seminar in downtown Toledo yesterday.” (Toledo Blade, Jul. 31)(via Freedom News)(& welcome Volokh/David Bernstein and Dean Esmay readers)


  • Big Brother

    I’m sure some people love this, but it sure creeps me out. Seriously, doesn’t the EEOC have anything better to do? No, probably not, come…

  • Is this bullshit or what?

    Here’s a case of people in the government who obviously do not have enough to do.