Comics? Must be for kids

“Earlier this [month], the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of Jesus Castillo’s 2000 obscenity conviction for selling a comic book. … In September 1999, Castillo, manager of Keith’s Comics in Dallas, sold a copy of ‘Demon Beast Invasion: The Fallen’ No. 2 to an undercover police officer. The adults-only comic (an English translation of a Japanese manga) was labeled as such and was stocked in an adults-only section of the shop. The police officer was an adult. … ‘I don’t care what kind of testimony is out there,’ the prosecuting attorney said. ‘Comic books, traditionally what we think of, are for kids.'” (Franklin Harris, Pulp Culture Online, Aug. 7) (via Unqualified Offerings)(Comic Book Legal Defense Fund). More: reader William Dyer (BeldarBlog) writes taking issue with the linked stories.

One Comment

  • Which headline has more sizzle: “Supreme Court strips porno-comics of First Amendment Protection” or “Man convicted because his lawyer failed to object”?

    That incredible constitutional ruling that stripped First Amendment protection from comic books because they’re just for kids, surely that’s a big deal! Except … that’s not at all what the Dallas Court of Appeals actually said.