Gambler sues casinos for failing to exclude her

Canada: 37-year-old Lisa Dickert “and her husband Steven have filed a $1-million lawsuit against the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.” for failing to exclude Ms. Dickert, a compulsive gambler, from the casinos where she gambled away her savings. She had entered a voluntary casino self-exclusion program, but her suit argues that the casinos did little or nothing to enforce the exclusion. (Victor Malarek, “A gambler’s rehab gone wrong”, The Globe and Mail, Jul. 30)(more on gambling suits: May 20-21, 2002).


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    Overlawyered mentions today a woman and her husband who are SUING the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp for failing to exclude her from casinos. Uh…(full story) There we go again “social responsibility” versus “personal responsibility.” Someone cue the…

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