Fear of litigious diploma mills, cont’d

“Under pressure from administrators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, [tenured physics professor George Gollin] has shut down a Web site he created to make information available about the unaccredited distance-learning institutions often referred to as ‘diploma mills.'” (Andrea L. Foster, “U. of Illinois Administrators Ask Professor to Remove Web Site About Diploma Mills”, Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 13; “Cracking Down on Diploma Mills”, CBS News, Jul. 25). Some of the alleged diploma mills cited by Gollin had threatened to sue the university, and Eugene Volokh (Oct. 25) finds it a fair inference that fear of litigation contributed to university administrators’ wish to be rid of the site. However, the state of Oregon accreditation office soon agreed to put up Prof. Gollin’s material on its own site (Office of Degree Authorization). On earlier suits and threatened suits by these enterprises, see our Apr. 28-20, 2000 entry.

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