There goes the library budget

Atlanta, Georgia: “The Fulton County Commission has opted for an $18 million settlement of a lawsuit filed by librarians who claimed they were discriminated against because they are white. The settlement ends four years of litigation but represents more than half the entire library department’s budget for 2003, which was $29 million. It is also more than the county spends each year on functions such as planning and zoning, parks and recreation or family and children services.” The case was a reverse discrimination suit, which presumably means (or does it?) that conservatives are obliged to be happy about its success (“Fulton County settles $18 million bias suit by librarians”, AP/, Jan. 7). The “suit also accused the library system of shifting money away from ‘white’ libraries to ‘black’ libraries.” (“Librarians get $25 million in reverse discrimination case against Fulton”, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Jan. 16, 2002)(via George Lenard, who has additional comments).

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