For Texas trial lawyers, revenge time

Throwing their weight around: “Across Houston and the state, plaintiffs’ attorneys are backing primary opponents to Democratic legislators who bucked the party last year and supported Proposition 12, part of a Republican-led effort to cap medical malpractice damages. … The Texas Trial Lawyers Association had no public comment. But one association member privately said trial lawyers intend to make it rough on legislators who oppose them.” Republicans aren’t safe either, with the chief author of the bill, Rep. Joe Nixon (R-Houston), facing a primary challenge from a plaintiff’s lawyer. (John Williams, “Alliances put heat on tort reformers”, Houston Chronicle, Jan. 31).

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  • For Texas trial lawyers, revenge time

    Overlawyered: For Texas trial lawyers, revenge time Never, ever forget. The trial lawyers saw their golden goose get cooked, and they’re not going to take it lying down. There’s going to be another round of tort reform law, and it’s going to be really …