At Disneyland, slower teacups

At Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., the “Mad Tea Party ride with 18 giant spinning teacups was recently modified in the name of safety to make it harder for people to spin. The move has prompted fans of the ride to march to City Hall on Disneyland’s Main Street in protest and post hundreds of messages on Internet discussion boards under headings such as ‘Save the Teacups.’ … Purists acknowledge that Disneyland also faces criticism for not paying enough attention to safety, but they see the ride’s modification as part of a pattern. They believe the fear of lawsuits is taking some of the fun out of the Magic Kingdom. ‘It’s like all the good times are over,’ said annual pass-holder Isaac Martin, 24. ‘It feels so depressing.’ … Park officials said they made the change after a disabled rider lost his balance last month and slipped from a teacup. The rider did not require medical treatment.” Disney officials insist the ride, which takes its theme from an Alice in Wonderland scene, remains entertaining. (“Disneyland purists decry tame teacups in Fantasyland”, AP/Sacramento Bee, Feb. 29)(via onel7). More: MickeyNews, MiceAge. Yet more: Jun. 22, 2005.

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