Update: Coors suit dropped

Ends with a whimper dept.: “After being threatened with sanctions for frivolous litigation, a Reno lawyer said …he has dropped a lawsuit against Coors Brewing Co. filed for the mother of a young man who died in a car wreck while driving drunk. …when a lawyer for Coors threatened [attorney Ken McKenna] and [client Jodie] Pisco with sanctions, they decided to back off, he said.” Too bad sanctions have been made so hard to get in most courts, since their deterrent effect on wrongful lawsuits is often clear, as in this instance. The original case (see Apr. 19) had drawn worldwide publicity. (“Lawyer drops suit against Coors in man’s death”, Reno Gazette-Journal, Jun. 2; Steven Milloy, “Lawsuits, Alcohol Advertising and Money”, FoxNews.com, May 21).

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