Update: Compaq beats glitch suit again

Following the spectacular $2 billion class action settlement in Beaumont, Texas against Toshiba for a reported data glitch in its laptop computers (see Nov. 3, 1999 and later coverage) class action lawyers descended with copycat suits against Compaq and other rival laptop makers. A federal class action was however rejected (see May 11-13, 2001) and now the Texas Supreme Court has rejected a national class action filed in Texas state courts. However, “attorneys for the class aren’t throwing in the towel and say a statewide class action still is possible”. Besides proffering other defenses, a lawyer for the company “contends that a buffer in Compaq’s computers prevents problems with the FDC [floppy disk controller].” (Mary Alice Robbins, “Court Boots Nationwide Class Action Against Compaq”, Texas Lawyer, May 18).

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