Police officers, above the law

According to Newsday, reporting from Long Island, N.Y., the spring issue of the local union newsletter of the Police Benevolent Association ran an item by treasurer Bill Mauck advising members that in case the car stopped for a traffic violation happens to be that of a police officer, “you don’t summons another cop”. Questioned by the newspaper, union president Jeff Frayler confirmed that “it has been union policy to discourage Suffolk police officers from issuing tickets to fellow officers, regardless of where they work. ‘Police officers have discretion whenever they stop anyone, but they should particularly extend that courtesy in the case of other police officers and their families,’ Frayler said …. ‘It is a professional courtesy.'” Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy said he was appalled at the policy: “We can’t be sending the message that some are above the law.” (Joe Kelley’s The Sake of Argument, Apr. 5; via Charles Oliver, “Brickbats”, Reason, Apr.).

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