Dazed and Confused II

The Washington Post profiles plaintiffs Bobby Wooderson, Andy Slater and Richard Floyd (Oct. 12) in a newspaper article that will do more to damage their reputations than the movie ever did.

Did you guys really smoke that much dope back in high school in 1976?

Slater smiles slyly when he answers that question. “Well, I wouldn’t say it didn’t happen,” he says. “But I don’t think there was any more here than anywhere else.”

“Certainly those things happened at that time,” interrupts attorney T. Ernest Freeman, “but that aspect of the movie was really exaggerated, particularly with respect to our clients.”

(Peter Carlson, “Bummer, Man: Portrayed as Potheads In ‘Dazed,’ Trio Has A New Joint Venture: Suing the Filmmaker”, Dec. 8).

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