“I Am Not A Jackass”

A.J. Jacobs considers–and rejects–the idea of suing Joe Queenan over a bad book review.

But then I remembered what I had learned in the encyclopedia: James McNeill Whistler tried this tactic, and it ended pretty badly. He filed a libel suit in 1878 after the critic John Ruskin called him a ”coxcomb” and denounced his painting ”Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket.” Whistler won a token judgment of a farthing — but the cost of the case bankrupted him. So no lawsuits from me. And at least I wasn’t called a coxcomb.

(NY Times, Feb. 13) (via Radosh).

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  • learning from Abe’s thick skin

    Lately, I’ve been far too affected by negative comments and misconstrued positions —