Light posting; Mencimer reply

I’ve been mostly out of commission owing to one of the bugs that’s been going around, so although there are a lot of great items in the pipeline, I expect they’ll have to wait a bit. Ted will be posting, though.

In the mean time, for readers who followed Stuart Taylor’s refutation (posted here Jan. 19, with comment) of Stephanie Mencimer’s tendentious Washington Monthly article of last October, the Washington Monthly has at length notified its online readers of Taylor’s response, and posted a (to me, very lame) defense by Mencimer of her article (Feb. 15).


  • The Washington Monthly v. Overlawyered

    Have you read Stephanie Mencimer’s article about the myth of American’s lawsuit crisis? I last posted about it on October 8, 2004. At that time, I was alerting readers to the fact that Mencimer herself had replied on this website

  • Litigation lobby can’t get its talking points straight

    “The [Class Action Fairness Act] is the first significant Congressional tort ‘reform’ victory for the radical right and a catastrophe for workers and consumers.”(Dan Zegart, “Tort ‘Reform’ Triumphs”, The Nation Online, Feb. 17).”Corporations may rue th…