Apple sued over iPod nano scratches

Class-action lawyers including Seattle’s Hagens Berman (Feb. 16, Mar. 6 and Mar. 29, 2004; Nov. 24, 2003; Sept. 9-10, 2002, etc.) sued Apple last week in the name of buyers of the popular iPod, claiming the nano screen on the device tends to scratch easily and become unreadable. They are seeking remedies including a refund of moneys paid “plus a share of the company’s profits on the music player’s sales”. (“Nano Owners Sue Apple”, Red Herring, Oct. 20; Ina Fried, “Suit filed over Nano scratches”, CNet, Oct. 21).


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  • Two Silly Lawsuits

    Perhaps someone who has can enlighten me: Does the iPod nano packaging or any advertisement indicate “Scratchproof” or even “Scratch-Resistant” anywhere?

  • What is so frivolous about this? You buy a product, that’s supposed to be benchmarked, durable, and made in assembled in the USA. The last thing you want is a easily destroyed toy.

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