House again passes LARA

By a vote of 228-184 yesterday, mostly on partisan lines, the House of Representatives approved H.R. 420, the proposed Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act (LARA). (“Tort Reform Legislation Passes House, Moves to Senate”, Insurance Journal, Oct. 28). The vote margin was about the same as last year (see Jun. 21 and Sept. 15, 2004), and, as with last year, Senate passage this session is considered a long shot. For more on the bill’s sound overall rationale, as well as its weaker aspects, see our earlier coverage. More: Stop the BS has posted a copy of the bill (Oct. 29).

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  • Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act (LARA)

    Why don’t Democrats want to stop lawsuit abuse? Good question. ‘LARA’ is designed to stop the abuse of the court system by lawyers, to prevent forum shopping (looking for a district favorable to your case regardless of where the defendant…