Wesley Snipes exonerated

Lanise Petits, alleged to be a delusional crack addict, filed suit accused actor Wesley Snipes of fathering her baby in a Chicago crack house, and successfully persuaded a court to require Snipes to submit to a paternity test. Snipes refused out of principle, noting that he had never met Petits, much less slept with her; moreover, Petit had filed various lawsuits with various accusations against Bill Clinton and Oprah. For his trouble, arrest warrants were issued, and Snipes suffered more adverse publicity. However, the child’s real father came forward, and the paternity suit has been dismissed. Snipes is suing the woman, albeit in the wrong forum, for the embarrassment. (AP, Oct. 7.)

Not that Snipes is innocent of legal abuse. In 2001, Snipes tried to obtain a $7 million federal tax refund using a bogus tax protester scheme.

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