New sidebar: this site’s greatest hits

We’ve added, along the right column of this site’s front page, a new sidebar feature entitled “Greatest Hits”, linking to a selection of our and readers’ favorite posts from the past (and maybe a stray article or two we’ve written fitting the theme). It’s intended as a rotation, so periodically some posts will drop off and be replaced with others.

An archive of links from the feature follows the jump.

Terrorists only 32% to blame for bomb
Rogers v. Merck
Batman, defendant
Hot coffee urban myths
Surprise air-crash survivors
Smuggled drugs blamed on hospital
“Dream” Calif. Ford verdict
Bogus “Stella Awards”
Enviro bounty-hunting
Pet stores unsafe
Banning church potlucks
Unhand that gator
Cop shot? Sue Ford
All about Erin B.
Rare-burger releases
Slower Disney teacups
Honey, you’ve got mail
Class action collusion
Bad luck with yachts
U.S. News regrets
Pie menace averted
Forgot to mention it
Drunk: cops shoulda stopped me

Best of 2006:

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