• “Media reform” and campaign finance law

    They operate as a pincer movement, contends Brian Anderson in City Journal, and they’re both aimed at choking off certain unwelcome (if popular) points of view in public discussion. (“The Plot to Shush Rush and…

  • James Frey learns we live in a litigious society

    Smoking Gun exposes Oprah book club anointee James Frey as a fraudster. Oprah doesn’t care whether the book is true. I’m not surprised. As Queen of the Self-Help and Actualization Movement (SHAM), and enabler-in-chief of the culture of narcissism, she’ll

  • Welcome Forbes.com readers

    I’m quoted and this site is mentioned by a Daniel Fisher Forbes.com article on the James Frey class action litigation. (“A Million Little Lawsuits Over Frey”, Jan. 30). The article refers to our January 12…