“Trump sues author who questioned his billions”

Real estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump has sued Warner Books and New York Times reporter Timothy O’Brien for $5 billion, saying O’Brien’s new book about Trump maliciously portrays him as being worth no more than $250 million when the accurate figure would be upwards of $2 billion. (Claudia Parsons, Reuters/Washington Post, Jan. 24; Greg Levine, “Trump Sues Over Bio Book; Launches Travel Web Site”, Forbes, Jan. 24; Gina Serpe, “Trump’s Billion-Dollar Defaming Claim”, EOnline, Jan. 24).


  • 5 BILLION?!? Um, wow.

    He himself only claims to be worth $2 billion, so how in the world could he claim that the book did $2.5 billion in damage?

  • I think the claim is largely symbolic, Trump doesn’t need the money after all.
    And he likely expects not to get the amount claimed anyway, and 10% of the claim would be what the author says he’s worth…

  • Pity we can’t cut that out and get in our time machine and present it at bankruptcy court–either of the two times he has used it.