A South Park episode, deep-sixed?

From a Rolling Stone investigative report on L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology (Janet Reitman, “Inside Scientology”, Feb. 23):

The church has a storied reputation for squelching its critics through litigation, and according to some reports, intimidation (a trait that may explain why the creators of South Park jokingly attributed every credit on its November 2005 sendup of Scientology to the fictional John and Jane Smith; Paramount, reportedly under pressure, has agreed not to rerun the episode here or to air it in England).

More on Scientology and litigation: Oct. 25, 2005, Apr. 16, 2004; Mar. 25-26, 2002; Mar. 19-20, 2001; May 3, 2000.


  • hi there , ` operation clambake ` :www.xenu.net has the southpart episode hosted on thier site – enjoy đŸ˜›

    YRS – AJ

  • I just saw a rerun of the South Park episode dealing with The Mormons. It was hilarious.

    I just can’t wait for The Prophet’s turn.

    It’s a sad day when ideas are not allowed to be subject to criticism or ridicule. If the ideas are soundly based they will be able to stand against such attacks.

  • Scientology and South Park

    The incident we reported on Feb. 28 has developed into quite a news story — see, for example, Andrew Sullivan, Mar. 16 and many other recent posts….