“Feds say Pellicano taped client talks”

Well, this should be entertaining: “In a twist that could have many in Hollywood on edge, federal prosecutors revealed Thursday that they have taped conversations between indicted sleuth-to-the-stars Anthony Pellicano and clients who hired him to dig up dirt on rivals.” (Greg Risling, AP/Macon Telegraph, Feb. 16). More: Feb. 16, Feb. 7, etc. And the San Francisco-based Recorder has much more about this week’s indictment of a prominent Hollywood attorney in the unfolding scandal (Kellie Schmitt, “Attorney Terry Christensen Indicted in Case Involving Hollywood PI Pellicano”, Feb. 17).


  • The sentence from the AP article is not written well. Is “have” the verb, or is “taped”? In other words did the prosecution reveal that they taped converstions, or that they have them in their possession.

  • Given the context of the rest of the piece, I think it’s safe to assume that AP intends “have” to be the verb, meaning merely that the feds are in possession of such tapes.

  • I have not followed this story much. I find this new information very interesting. It seems the ones who pull the strings never get caught.

  • Pellicano fallout, cont’d

    “While top entertainment lawyer Terry Christensen is the only attorney indicted so far in connection with [indicted private investigator Anthony] Pellicano, several others face litigation that could cripple their practices — and possibly break up…