New Class Action Against McDonalds

On Friday, a new class action lawsuit was filed against McDonald’s for not fully disclosing the presence of dairy products and wheat glutens in their french fries. The suit was prompted by McDonald’s admission two days earlier that their fries do include milk and wheat, at least in small amounts. The suit does not appear to list any specific instances of people being harmed by trace milk and wheat in french fries, though a separate suit filed in Miami by the parents of a 5-year old girl alleged the fries caused their daughter to get very ill (though according to the article the parents continued to feed the girl McDonalds fries for two years).


  • Would you like fries with that?

    Very few people would dispute the one thing McDonald’s does right – french fries. Several years back McDonald’s stopped using beef fat to fry their fries because of health concerns and developed flavoring to keep the same good flavor. Many people (myse…

  • The article I read on this the other day mentioned that McDonalds discloses this information voluntarily. Whoops, if they had only kept quiet about it nobody would’ve noticed.

    Has anyone alleged actual harm yet or are they all just suing because of the potential for harm?

  • Didn’t read the second article before posting, d’oh.

    Anyway, if the girl became so ill after eating the fries, should she really have been able to go on eating them for two years? Heck, I’m surprised she isn’t dead by now.

  • McDonald’s must now be punished for being so insolent as to actually DISCLOSE this error on their part. How DARE they? Now no one can find it on their own and sue for EVEN MORE because they “covered it up”. That’s just WRONG! They’re harming people’s ability to SUE them!!!!1!!11!!!!1!one!!

    As usual, no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Is the class action including Canada ?
    My son’s allergist has said my 8 year old son should have ‘outgrown’ his milk protein allergy by now unless he has still been eating milk products. As parents we have been very careful over the past 8 years to avoid all milk products in his diet, so to enable our son to ‘outgrow’ his allergy. This info makes us very angry because McDonalds in all it’s ingredients list have no mention of milk in the fries. Next we wll hear that the ‘beef’ patty has milk. McDonalds should have known better.

  • I am looking to see if there is a class action lawsuit in California against McDonalds adding dairy products to their french fries. My daughter has a metabolic disorder that has her on a very strict diet free of dairy whatsoever. We eat at McDonalds alot and I am very upset over the corporation and its lack of concern for their customers and their well-being. If there is any information out there that you can help me with, please get back with me and let me know? Thanks a bunch. Kim

  • For all you skeptics, if you haven’t experienced it, you do not know. Of course people with intolerance and sensitivity continued eating McDonald’s fries because they were probably racking their brains trying to figure out what was making them sick since McDonald’s said their fries were safe!!!

  • I believe that McDonalds was wrong advertising that their fries were gluten free! Those of us who do have celiac sprue disease thought we could count on at least having McDonalds fries and not have to worry about short term or long term side effects on our intestines. The long term effect of eating McDonald fries slowly harms our intestines and possibly putting us at a higher risk for cancer.