Burger King hot coffee lawsuit settles

ATLA and its surrogates would have you believe that the McDonald’s coffee case reflected the unique circumstances of one chain that sold coffee hotter than anyone else. We’ve been telling you for a while that that’s not true, and there’s now another datapoint in Oklahoma. Donna Aslanis purchased two cups of coffee from a Rolla, Missouri, Burger King drive-thru in 1998, but burned herself severely when she spilled the coffee while pouring it into a plastic container in her lap, and sued in 2002, complaining that the employee failed to tell her that the coffee was hot. The case went into mediation and settled; the amount (if any) of settlement was not disclosed. Her lawyer was Steven Paulus. (Ryan Slight, “Woman settles in hot coffee lawsuit”, News-Leader, Mar. 7). (More on Stella Liebeck.)


  • I hate it when they do that (undisclosed settlement) – both sides can claim vindication, meaning more lawsuits.

  • Micky D’s, BK, etc. spend a lot of money on research, and most of the food they serve is hot but not the same temperture at which it is cooked. However, they insist on the coffee being served at close to boiling temperture. They would have a better case if they lowered the temp of the coffee to the serving temperture. Also they could take some of the money they would save on lawsuits, which they pay regularly, and spend it on making coffee cups that keep the coffee hot over a longer period of time.