“There’s just no there there”

Mark Kleiman, on the alleged link between autism and thimerosal in vaccines (Mar. 6), commenting on the latest from Respectful Insolence (Mar. 6). Orac of Respectful Insolence also takes another whack (Mar. 2) at the emissions of the egregious Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on the same controversy, as published (Mar. 1) in the Huffington Post. More: Feb. 21, etc.

P.S. And here’s Kathleen Seidel, who’s been covering the issue in depth at Neurodiversity Weblog (Mar. 1): “It’s time for RFK Jr. to come clean about the fact that he represents the interests of private litigants seeking compensation for supposed vaccine injury when in fact many of those litigants have no evidence that such injury occurred.. …Widespread suspicions are fueled by an aggressive public relations campaign engineered by wealthy PR maven and pioneering ‘mercury mom’ Sally Bernard, early litigant Lyn Redwood, their close associates, faux-journalists David Kirby and Dan Olmsted, and a core of personal injury lawyers who have cultivated this market for years. A lot of money has gone into convincing parents of autistic children that their kids were poisoned.”


  • What’s worse than the lawsuits are all of the unvaccinated children that result from the vaccine scare mongering. Measles outbreaks are now quite common in the UK because of all they propaganda against the MMR vaccine.


  • If you had a child that became autistic after the MMR vaccine, you may think twice about the comments.
    My son was completely normal until he was 16 months old and received the mmr vaccine, within two weeks he could no longer talk, walk, chew food, sit up and just stared into space and responded to no one. After testing his hair from his 12 month haircut and comparing hair at 31/2 yrs old, 12mo-no toxins 31/2 high levels of mercury. I didn’t spoon feed him mercury. Explain this.