Dept. of Intimidating the Little Guy: Maine Board of Tourism

Lance Dutson of the Maine Web Report had the temerity to note that an expensive advertising agency published a phone-sex number instead of the correct line for the Maine Office of Tourism. For this, and other criticisms, Warren Kremer Paino Advertising is suing Dutson for millions. The plaintiff’s lawyer is Portland attorney Alfred Frawley III, who alleges that an opinion that a state agency is “pissing away” money is legally actionable. Dutson has numerous links for this ludicrous lawsuit. Greenberg Traurig is once again stepping up to protect free speech in defense, in conjunction with the Media Bloggers Association. (via Lattman)

One Comment

  • Sigh. Sailing off the coast of Maine has been one of my favorite vacation activities in recent years. I’m disappointed to see this sort of thing goes on in my favorite state. I mean, incompetence and corruption is what I leave Alabama to get away from! Good to see Dutson seemingly isn’t backing down, and has some impressive support. I’ll be following this on his page to see how things turn out; I hope Overlawyered will post updates as appropriate.