Duke lacrosse case, cont’d

Thomas Sowell nominates the controversy’s low point:

According to Newsweek, the young man at NCCU [North Carolina Central University] said that he wanted to see the Duke students prosecuted, “whether it happened or not. It would be justice for things that happened in the past.”

(“The Biggest Scandal in the Duke University Rape Case”, syndicated/Capitalism Magazine, May 17). The comment was hardly representative of anyone’s views but the one student’s, though, contends John Schwade in the Durham News (“Article opts to sensationalize with its color commentary”, Apr. 29). More: Dr. Helen, Apr. 22. Stuart Taylor Jr. has a powerful column on the subject which however is online only to National Journal/The Atlantic subscribers (“An Outrageous Rush to Judgment”, May 2). And guess who’s involved himself in the case, as an advisor to the complainant’s family? None other than ace money-extractor Willie Gary, long familiar to readers of this site (Wendy McElroy, “Is ‘Duke’ Case Headed to Civil Court?”, FoxNews.com, May 16).


  • Well, since Newsweek is rapidly becoming akin to tabloid media, I can’t take very seriously things they have to “report.” It’s only a matter of time before Newsweek headlines:
    “Jessica Simpson divorces Nick, marries mutant offspring of Brittany Spears.”

  • “The Biggest Scandal in the Duke University Rape Case”

    In case you are bored and looking for something interesting to read, that article has some links on the right about racism that are really thought provoking to a layman such as I. It’s worth the read…

  • Nifong’s maintenance of charges that are so obviously baseless (in the hopes of capturing the black vote) make me wonder whether the NC bar should look into prosecutorial misconduct. But I doubt that would happen.

  • Based on Nifong’s comments about “the defense doesn’t know my timeline,” I think the DA should be investigated for failing to observe rules of discovery which changed in 2005 for NC to make available all eveidence within 14 days of a felony arrest plus an ongoing duty to comply.

  • The student who said prosecution of an innocent white was fine because of past events means lynching to pay back for historical matters is acceptable. Descendants of Roman citizens therefore have open season on descendants of Germanic tribes. Descendants of native American tribes that were enslaved by the Aztecs now have license to slaughter Mexican descendants of Aztecs. Russians have license to slaughter Mongolians.
    The foregoing claptrap arises from a most juvenile pattern of thought: “It’s our turn now.”