Lied about her age to get into wet T-shirt contest

Not only that, but she assumed the whirring video cameras were just for onlookers’ personal use. Certainly she wasn’t expecting the spring break footage to turn up in commercially available compilations. So Monica Pippin is now extracting legal settlements from entities including Playboy and Anheuser-Busch; however, the Daytona Beach hotel at which the contest took place objects to being sued on the grounds that it “had no role in producing or distributing the videos and did not profit from them”. (Kevin Graham, “Lawsuit says video exploits teen’s naivete”, St. Petersburg Times, Apr. 28). Similar: Sept. 28-30, 2001; Mar. 6-7, 2002.


  • As they say on FARK: This thread is worthless without pix.

    Just kidding. Forgive me, I’ve been dead for over two thousand years, I don’t get out much.

  • “Pippin said she felt ‘uncomfortable’ on the stage, allowing men to rub against her as they poured water on her. But she said she decided to do what was ‘necessary in order to ‘win’ the cash prize.”

    1. So I suppose she didn’t win.

    2. And she didn’t feel sick until the video of her exposing herself in a public forum was brought to her attention by her…parents.

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