UK: Great moments in human rights law

Nine Afghan asylum seekers who hijacked a plane at gunpoint to get to Britain should have been admitted to the country as genuine refugees and allowed to live and work here freely, the High Court ruled yesterday.

In a decision that astonished and dismayed MPs, the Home Office was accused of abusing its powers by failing to give the nine formal permission to enter Britain, in breach of their human rights.

(Philip Johnston, “Hijackers have a right to live in Britain”, Daily Telegraph, May 11; “Give us back our rights” (editorial), May 14).


  • Sure they should have the right to live in Britain. But with rights, their first civics lesson is that there comes responsibility.

    These newly minted legal British residents should expect to answer for the crime of air piracy and share their new ‘freedom’ in the tower of London for a few decades.

  • pirates should be punished like those of old.
    Keelhauling and then make them walk the plank.

    Bit hard to do with an aircraft, but a C-130 or C-17 could be rigged for it no problem.

  • The extension of “human rights” by Western nations to every human on Earth – including humans who have openly manifested a desire to destroy the West – is more than just silly or misguided. It is sui-genocide.