Update: Teflon class actions

Class action lawyers are seeking to roll together lawsuits against DuPont on behalf of persons in fifteen states who’ve bought the non-stick cookware, whether or not those persons feel aggrieved or have inadvertently left empty pans unattended on the heat with resulting fumes. The sum bandied about as a remedy, $5 billion, hasn’t changed since we covered the story last summer (Jul. 20), but the tone of the plaintiff’s lawyers has grown noticeably more alarmist, as in the case of Kim Baer of Des Moines, who claims that “the material could become toxic when heated ‘enough to fry an egg'”. (“Plaintiffs seek class action in DuPont Teflon lawsuit”, AP/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Apr. 21). And lead plaintiff’s counsel Alan J. Kluger contends: “This stuff shouldn’t be on the market, period.” (Peter Geier, “Teflon Litigators Hope Class Action Sticks”, National Law Journal, Apr. 26).


  • everything is toxic….

  • … Even distilled water, if you drink enough of it!

  • I wonder why they are in Iowa. Must have taken a wrong turn on the way to south Texas.