Changing planes in U.S.? “Travel with a lawyer”

The feds arrested BetOnSports chief executive David Carruthers while he changed planes at Dallas/Fort Worth en route to Costa Rica, charging that his company accepts bets from U.S. residents in violation of federal law. One British view of the implications: “it now looks as if chief executives need ‘lawyerguards’ especially when venturing into risky legal territory such as the US.” (Times (UK) law blog, Jul. 18; Philip Robinson, Dominic Walsh and James Doran, “FBI and tax officials in BetOnSports probe”, The Times Online, Jul. 18; Jacob Sullum, Reason “Hit and Run”, Jul. 18 and Jul. 19; Radley Balko, Cato at Liberty, Jul. 18; Kirkendall, Jul. 19). More on the authorities vs. online gambling: Jun. 19; Nov. 18, 2005, Aug. 9, 2004, etc.

One Comment

  • What’s the big deal? There are de Beers execs that can’t travel here either. They know what’s up. They avoid the US.