No benefits for alcoholic who drank ethanol

“An Iowa judge has denied unemployment benefits to a man who claimed discrimination after being fired from an ethanol plant for drinking ‘automobile fuel’ produced by the company.” Cory Neddermeyer, 42, was fired after being hospitalized with an almost fatal 0.72 blood-alcohol level after dipping into the 190-proof fuel at his employer, Amaizing Energy in Denison, Iowa. “Neddermeyer argued that his employer shared in the responsibility for the incident because the spill at the plant provided an ‘opportunity’ for him to drink. He also argued that Amaizing Energy was discriminating against him due to his ‘disease of alcoholism.'” (Clark Kauffman, “Man fired for getting gassed on spilled ethanol at work”, Des Moines Register, Jul. 9 (via Romenesko)).


  • If the ethanol plant was to refuse to hire an alcoholic, would that be considered discrimination?

  • I’m thinking someone needs to be sued for naming their corn-base ethanol company “Amaizing Energy”

  • A .72 BAC. Wrap your mind around that, inasmuch as .40 is considered the standard lethal dose.

  • Good call Rob!

  • I’d drink to that, Rob!