Court Compels Lunch

Judge Pendleton Gaines of he Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona must be a popular jurist indeed. Here, he grants plaintiff counsel’s Motion to Compel Acceptance of Lunch Date, ruling:

“The Court has rarely seen a motion with more merit. The motion will be granted.

The Court has searched in vain in the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure and cases, as well
as the leading treatises on federal and Arizona procedure, to find specific support for Plaintiff’s
motion. Finding none, the Court concludes that motions of this type are so clearly within the
inherent powers of the Court and have been so routinely granted that they are non-controversial
and require no precedential support.

The writers support the concept. Conversation has been called “the socializing
instrument par excellence” (Jose Ortega y Gasset, Invertebrate Spain) and “one of the greatest
pleasures in life” (Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence). John Dryden referred to
“Sweet discourse, the banquet of the mind” (The Flower and the Leaf)….”

More light-heartedness follows. (The Legal Reader, Aug. 8)

One Comment

  • I’m not sure what a lawyer would think of this but personally I find this stuff adds a human touch to proceedings.

    Who hasn’t done a similar thing in their profession before (in some 68K machine code I wrote once the comments were styled as a story of the ‘AH register and it’s trip on the bus’ – Corny I know)