One year for mouse-in-soup scam

Ricky Lee Patterson had been seeking a $500,000 settlement from Cracker Barrel restaurant. “Prosecutors brought charges after an examination of the mouse found that it died of a fractured skull, had no soup in its lungs and had not been cooked – all of which suggested the rodent was dropped into the customer’s soup after it had died.” (AP, Sep. 14).


  • Its guys like this that are going to be the downfall of our great society. they should lock him up for at least five years.

  • For some reason I just have the funniest image of a Medical examiner saying something like ‘You want me to autopsy WHAT?’

  • Now imagine Caruso from CSI: Miami saying that:
    “You want…me…to autopsy…[head comes up] what?

    Mr. Patterson should have stuck with lottery tickets. You only lose a dollar if you lose; not a year.