Coffee shop owner sues Starbucks

On antitrust grounds:

In her lawsuit, [Penny Stafford of Belvi Coffee & Tea Exchange] says that Starbucks employees would make frequent runs past the deli with free samples. She said that Starbucks also had non-competitive leases that blocked her from the most desirable locations in Bellevue and Seattle.

The suit claims that Starbucks, fueled by “insatiable and unchecked ambition,” wanted to squash all competition.

John Stott, who owns Johnika’s Deli, said that he advised Stafford not to open a business so near a Starbucks.

Representing Stafford in the suit is Overlawyered favorite Hagens Berman Sobol & Shapiro. (“Coffee shop owner sues Starbucks”, UPI/MonstersAndCritics, Sept. 27; Melissa Allison, “Starbucks sued over ‘unchecked ambition'”, Seattle Times, Sept. 26; Keith Sharfman, Truth on the Market, Sept. 25; Lattman, Sept. 27).

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