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Eugene Volokh has a good laugh at the expense of an upstate New York publication called the North Country Gazette (Oct. 23 and 25). More: I should have made clear that it was David Giacalone who noticed the Gazette’s unusual policy and called it to the attention of the blogosphere; he has subsequently found himself drawn into a dispute with Gazette proprietor June Maxam. More: Carolyn Elefant, Typical Joe, and PhDiva (here, here and here).


  • The person who is laughing is Maxam. I understand the lawsuit is underway

  • Really ? I have not heard from her. Unless she’s the one who left comments – but I very much doubt that an editor would leave badly written anonymous comments, so assume it’s someone else.

  • Wouldn’t it be interesting to know the IP address from which “Inky” commented? And to compare it to that of Dorothy’s commenter?

  • I think someone at another blog said he’d tried it. The result was no surprise.