Letter from a new father

Reader Greg Dwyer of Oregon sends the following:

Yours is the website I have been continuously reading the longest and the one I most identify with. So I figured I’d tell you something. I recently celebrated the birth of my first son, Michael Gabriel. And he will not go through life padded in Nerf.

He is going to play dodge ball and tag.

I will let him eat trans fats and foie gras.

He can play Grand Theft Auto when he is old enough.

He will know that medicine is a risky business that doesn’t always provide perfect cures.

He is going to be able to shoot a gun well by the time he is 21 and I will take him to get his gun license myself.

Most of all, I will teach him that life is what you make of it and if he fails at something, he will have no one to blame but himself.

Loving father and non-victicrat,

Greg Dwyer


  • Bravo !!!!

    This is how I raised my son’s (3 of them). They all work, all pay their own way in society, and they believe in personal responsibility and assumption of risk.

  • Well said, sir!

    Now please wait while the nerf-nazis come to take you away for child endangerment.

  • Don’t forget to let your son know there are also consequences attached to every decision one makes.

    Have to differ with you on the last one: the liability of living in society is that sometimes personal failure IS due to the faults of others.