Social hosts and mistletoe

Legal hazards of Christmas party-giving (Alan Kopit,, undated recent; Dahlia Lithwick, “Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit”, Slate, Dec. 1).

P.S. And here’s a report from the U.K. claiming that many employers there are curtailing the posting of holiday decorations at workplaces from stated motives that include avoiding offense to those of other faiths and a variety of safety concerns. (Amy Iggulden, “No decorations, please, it might cause offence”, Telegraph, Dec. 6).


  • The BBC radio had a good comment on this Dec 5 but there is no text version as far as I can tell. I am glad mainland europe is still relitively sane regarding legal liability issues. They actually sell glasses of Christmas wine and shots at outdoor stands this time of year in Amsterdam. Just remember kids, Christmas was originally Pagan so there is no shame in celebrating it.

  • Back when I was in school they taught us that ‘moderation is key’. I thought they ment moderating my own alcohol intake, but I guess they meant I was supposed to be moderationg other people’s alcohol intake.