UK: Great moments in citizenship law

“A ‘high risk’ child rapist is to receive thousands of pounds in damages for ‘unlawful detention’ while held pending deportation to Somalia, a High Court judge ruled yesterday. The failed asylum seeker, who cannot be named and is referred to only as ‘A’, is threatened with removal after serving an eight-year prison sentence for attacking and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. But yesterday Mr Justice Calvert Smith ruled that there was a period between Dec. 3 2004 and July 20 2006 when the 31-year-old’s detention became unlawful, entitling him to compensation.” Deportation from the UK to Somalia has been difficult to accomplish until recently because airlines refused to transport deportees, and “A” refused to get on a plane voluntarily. (“Rapist wins pay-out over unlawful detention”, Daily Telegraph, Dec. 8; “A failed asylum seeker jailed for child rape receives £50,000”, Dec. 8).


  • It appears to be a violation of the UN human rights charter to deport these animals back to their homeland if it is considered to be “dangerous” to the deportee. Sweden has been going through this for years now including chartering planes because there are no commerical flights to most of these places like Mogadeshu. Sweden spends millions just to have these same people reappear only months later in their “Socialist Paradise”. Time to start breaking UN treaties in my opinion.

  • Human Rights?
    Whose rights??
    Obviously not the taxpayers!!!
    And not 13-year old girls!!!!

  • “Deportation from the UK to Somalia has been difficult to accomplish . . . because . . . ‘A’ refused to get on a plane”

    Judge: GO TO JAIL!!!

    Convict: No.

    Judge: ok.

  • Deportation easy, $20 raft an and oar. Oh and a compass.

    A hearty wish for luck and off ya go chap!