Alabama: a case of ethically failing upward?

“The state bar ordered that Stuart DuBose’s law license be suspended because of his role in an estate in which he collected a $1.2 million fee for writing a client’s will without ever meeting the dying man.” And DuBose faces a possibility of even sterner disciplinary action, such as a longer suspension or even disbarment, because the “Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the 45-day suspension wasn’t sufficient punishment for his actions.” However — and this is the part that really makes the story so perfect — DuBose is not exactly hurting professionally at the moment because voters in November elected him to be the circuit judge for Choctaw, Clarke and Washington counties despite publicity over the allegations. Although his official term does not begin until Jan. 15, he has already been sworn in. According to one newspaper account, disciplinary action could affect his ability to serve as judge. (“Jackson attorney still under ethics cloud takes oath early”, AP/, Dec. 23; Jim Cox, “Area lawyers once against, now for DuBose judgeship”, Clarke County Democrat, Dec. 14; Evan Carden, “DuBose takes oath to be circuit judge”, Clarke County Democrat, Dec. 28).

One Comment

  • Where did Dubose get his law degree?