January 13 roundup

About to fly away for the Martin Luther King Day weekend; Walter will approve comments, but there may be delays. I leave you with:

  • Judge Senter channels Hugo Chavez: $2.5M in punitive damages in Mississippi for noting that an uncovered storm surge was responsible for the destruction of a $225k house. [Point of Law; Insurance Coverage Blog; Chicago Trib]

  • Public Citizen calls medical malpractice crisis a “hoax.” Are they right? [Point of Law]
  • Mass torts and multiple misjoinders. [Point of Law; Drug and Device Law Blog]
  • Sasha Baron Cohen isn’t exactly sympathetic to the Borat litigation plaintiffs. [LA Times]
  • “High-profile trial looms large for controversial class-action leader” [DC Examiner]

  • Still more on warning labels. [Mass Tort Litigation Blog]

  • New Jersey Dem wants voting rights for idiots. No, really. [CNN/Reuters]

  • I found this tale of a Supreme Court argument poignant [WSJ Law Blog]

  • Harris County courthouse “rocket docket”: delay people with lengthy metal-detector lines, then throw them in jail when they’re late for court. [Kirkendall]

  • Different kind of rocket PSA: Don’t explode fireworks in your hand. [GruntDoc; Unbounded Medicine (gory)]

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