January 17 roundup

  • Life in prison for adulterers, under Michigan law? [Freep]

  • An Albany personal injury lawyer favors abolishing pain and suffering damages in negligence cases [Warren Redlich]

  • Lott v. Levitt (Jan. 12, etc.) further discussed [Concurring Opinions]

  • Call us kitten fish, cont’d: some trial lawyers re-brand as “civil justice attorneys” [Fulton County Daily Report]

  • Smokers’ freedom defended, by Nobelist James Watson and Canadian columnist Jose Rodriguez [Reason, Calgary Sun]

  • Dinesh D’Souza’s new book doesn’t sound like it’s going to do any favors for his reputation. [Slate, Eric Scheie]

  • Also from Tim Noah: now that O.J.’s confessed, can the law really not lay a glove on him?[Slate]

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