January 21 roundup

Update: $8M Greyhound verdict (Aug. 18, 2005) affirmed. [Serles v. Greyhound (6th Cir. 2007)] (Update to update: also Nordberg.) Hugo Chavez-wannabe Mississippi AG Jim Hood: $2.5M State Farm verdict is “drop in the bucket.” See also POL Jan. 16 and links therein. [Biloxi Sun-Herald] I’ve been saying this for a while: Enron litigation a search […]

One Comment

  • I hate to break it to folks, but that last one about the FCC is so far off base it’s not funny.

    As an amateur radio operator, I’m constantly reminded of just how much modern technology is shredding the airwaves.

    For example – When was the last time you tried using a 900Mhz phone? Did the range go as far as you remembered? Do you have one of the new 2G spread spectrum digital phones? Tried using it near a wireless router or laptop? How about a wireless keyboard and mouse?

    The more radio frequency emissions we dump into the air, the harder it is going to be for electronics to “hear” things in it’s little nook of the world. You go from a football field with a few hundred people talking to one with twenty thousand people yelling at the top of their lungs to be heard and then nobody can communicate efficiently.

    Yes, I’m over simplifying the situation, but the analogy holds reasonably well. Don’t believe me? Ask someone in the business.