January 22 roundup


  • (From the weed link)

    “I am copying two members of the Keene Police Department in case you want to change your ways and act legal and save your friends.”

    Incredible. Makes me want to go across the street and buy a bag of weed right now at one of the numerous and tolerated (not completely legal) weed shops. As one might expect marijuana consumption is lower in Holland than it is in the US from all the reports I have read. Supporting this is that I can NEVER even find a native dutch person to get stoned with. Prohibition all over again. The most dangerous thing about weed is what law enforcement will do to you in the good ol USA, land of the free!!! Yay!

  • Regarding the smoking ban link, that just sounds like a poorly written law. Creating gaping exceptions (smoking allowed in bars that don’t serve food) just gives bar/restaurant owners incentive to stop serving food in order to preserve smoking. A complete ban would be easier to implement and less harmful to business.

  • I know when our city implemented the smoking bad bars were outraged. I think that that outrage has, in large part, gone away and from my own anecdotal experience there is MORE bar traffic than before. Especially more families at the food serving taverns/bars.

    It may have been true that fewer patrons showed up on those bars at the margins of the city, but certainly not downtown.

    From the article, it sounds like people conceded too much and ended up worse than an outright ban.

  • So, uh, can we also get a rule that lawyers aren’t allowed to Google (prospective) jurors or otherwise investigate their backgrounds?