January 26 roundup

  • DOJ subpoenas of online-gambling firms spark UK outrage (Times Online)

  • “Don’ts” for lawyers: don’t supplement your criminal-defense practice by running escort service on the side [NY Law Journal]

  • Maternity-clothing retailer tripped up on pregnancy discrimination claim [Lenard]

  • Filling out a Quicken-software will for an elderly client deemed “unauthorized practice of law” in South Carolina [McCullagh, Giacalone]

  • Champerty ‘n’ maintenance update: New York courts allow suspended lawyer Ross Cellino [Jul. 15, 2005] to resume practice [Business First of Buffalo]

  • Worried about long-dormant restitution or repatriation claims that might arise to put a cloud on your art holdings? Buy art-title insurance [Forbes pay archive]

  • Snatching whole milk from schoolkids not such a great idea, maybe [Musil]

  • Yes, let’s stop slamming lawyers for representing unpopular clients — and let’s start being consistent about it [Ted “no relation” Olson, Katyal via Adler]

  • Pfizer sued on theory its frisky Viagra ads encourage spread of sexually transmitted diseases [AP/WaPo](complaint courtesy Slate)

  • After his experiment in splitting up his blogs, Steve Bainbridge has reunited them again [ProfessorBainbridge.com]

  • Remove Child Before Folding author Bob Dorigo Jones interviewed about wacky warnings (see Jan. 6, Jan. 12, etc.) [Illinois Review].

  • Note: one item originally posted here [on air-show crash] removed as duplicative of one of Ted’s earlier.


  • ““It is shocking that a corporation whose market is pregnant women would refuse to employ them and then retaliate against a woman who complained about the practice” . . . . ”

    Actually, irony aside, why is an employer forced to hire someone that will only be there for 2 months? By the time they are visably pregnant they will likely be giving birth and then be on maternity leave at company expense.

  • “WASHINGTON — An AIDS organization sued Pfizer Inc. on Monday over ads the group says encourage use of Viagra as a party drug. The group said recreational use of the drug furthers the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.”

    This belongs on your best of list. I can’t stop laughing. The US can’t possibly survive with this lunacy for long.