• Yes, and bars are no different from day-cares, too. So are newspapers. Public bathrooms, too.

    Any of those analogize at least as well to day care centers as MySpace… which is to say, “not remotely well at all”.

  • Uh, where were the parents when their underage girls left the house to meet these cyber strangers?

    You see, I am a snooping parent. I take the safety of my children seriously and do my due diligence.
    No parent in their right mind would KNOWINGLY put their children in harm’s way, so I ax the question,
    Why didn’t parents ask their children WHERE they were GOING, who they were going to meet and WHY didn’t they chaperone them?

    Seems like they want to blame the wrong people. I would sue the perverts first. Then I would punish myself for not teaching them any better and not following through, then I would spank my children for their wilful ignorance, after giving thanks that they weren’t killed.