Slow typist sues law school

According to Adrian Zachariasewycz, a/k/a Adrian Zack, of Woodlyn, Pa., some exams given at the University of Michigan Law School reward fast typists with a chance at higher scores. So he’ll see school administrators in court, in a pro se lawsuit that also names as a defendant the Wilmington, Del. law firm of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell, where his associate’s gig didn’t work out. He’s suing two of the law school’s career counselors individually for alleged bad advice, too. (WSJ law blog, Jan. 26; complaint in PDF format). More: Feb. 5.


  • Looks like Mr. Z has a bright future with the ATLA ahead of him…

    Now all he has to do is pass the bar and hire a good typist.

  • Good.

    Bring overlawyering, or in this case, underlawyering, to the lawyer profession.

    People with Slow Typing Syndrome have suffered enough typism.

  • I strongly recommend reading the complaint at the link above.

    At paragraph 38. I would like to know who is Maria Zacha… Plaintiff lives with her. As a result of tortfeasor misconduct, she had to delay her retirement from being a schoolteacher. Is that his wife or his Mom?

    By the way, (full disclosure) this comment took me an hour to complete.

  • There must be some way to sue them also for the swastikas built into to the entrance gate to the Law Quad (1920’s era construction). Inciting racial and ethnic discrimination maybe? Looks like good ol U of M is a serial discriminatory offender. I think punitive damages are in order!

  • Don’t forget his federal antitrust cause of action. All of one paragraph long. He clearly researched that one thoroughly.

    I think the relief he asks for — to force his former employer to give him good references and not to mention that they fired him or he sued them — is the best part.

    Although the fact that his mommy (we assume) is a plaintiff is also pretty hilarious.

  • Maybe this is a graduation requirement – you have to sue the school to prove you’ve learned enough to be a lawyer.

  • According to an article in today’s Ann Arbor News, Mr. Z. stated he “didn’t think to learn to type” before attending law school. What rock has this 40-year old been living under? Or perhaps he’s a relative of the Caveman of Geico fame.