• It’s a tough issue. It’s possible that cameras have exacerbated this judge’s goofball tendencies, but it’s also possible that this judge is an idiot much of the time, and without cameras, the public would not have learned of this.

  • Thank you Walter. I wondered when you guys were going to post something on this long-winded, blubbering moron . . . who had to wait for “his body” to literally rot before he could give everybody “peace” by making his non-decision.

    Overwrought, overbearing, overacting and overexposed.

    This morning, ABC News quotes his wife as saying, “People who know him, and people who meet him on the street all say the same thing, ‘You should have your own television show,'”

    I simply do not believe what passes for stewardship of the court these days.

    Now, WHO’S THE DADDY? It’s the central issue that this judge did not want to touch. And it’s the real reason you have a gadzillion lawyers hovering over this pitiful, sick train-wreck of a woman like vultures. Show them who controls the money . . . if the money ever materializes.

  • He’s crying because his 15 minutes of fame are coming to a tawdry end.

    I can’t find any bio on this guy anywhere. How does a buffoon like this make it to the bench????

  • My only experience with the inside of a courtroom has been through television dramas; I’ve never seen how a real courtroom works. After watching a few minutes of Judge Seidlin –it being impossible to turn on a TV without seeing him– I can still say the same.