Ladies’ Nights bans and other civil rights crusades

This priceless segment ran on Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other day (Feb. 9). John Oliver interviews a Colorado man who’s filed bias complaint over “Ladies’ Night” bar promotions, and who insists — like so many other unintentionally silly litigants — that his cause deserves to share the moral high ground of the civil rights movement (“Sexual Stealing”).

For more on complaints targeting “Ladies’ Nights”, see Aug. 4, 2003, May 11 and Aug. 19, 2006 (Calif.), Jun. 10, 2004 (N.J.), Feb. 9 (N.H. — complainant charged with extortion).


  • Pretty clear to me this guy’s on our side and is trying to make a sarcastic statement.

    You disagree?

    (I wasn’t sure till he started the “making a living off of it” bit.)

  • I agree with you, Joe. Quite obviously, this guy’s intention is for everyone to say, “that’s insane!” He’s obviously not serious.

  • Sadly, I actually think the lawsuit against ladies nights, while a ludicrous use of the legal system, is a good idea.


    Because if they were to have Gentlemen’s nights (or somesuch), the legal system would most certainly bee brought to bear, in just such a ludicrous fashion.

    The best way for such abuses to be ended is for them to be applied EQUALLY. When the “more equal” animals have to put up with the same crap as the rest of us, MAYBE the system will actually get FIXED.

  • If universities can discriminate against whites in the name of “diversity”, wouldn’t the same argument allow a bar with far more men than women among its customers discriminate in favor of women?

  • markm,

    I would think so. Of course, such things would be why I used the term “more equal” in my comment. It’s a reference to a certain book…

  • Yeah, it sucks when equal means equal and some can no longer be more equal than others.

    Of course maybe this guy doesn’t get the purpose of ‘ladies night’. Many reasonable women need some inducement to want to hang around half drunk men on the prowl. Without ladies nights then this guy is going to wind up drinking with a bunch of horney guys and no women.

  • Basic business premise, promos are great, but when questioned or challenged, cave in now, it’s much cheaper than so much as writing one letter.