Another Brockovich Medicare suit dismissed

This time it’s the federal court for the Eastern District of Tennessee that’s sent the glamourpuss bounty-hunter packing:

Plaintiff and his associate Erin Brockovich have filed 49 nearly identical complaints in jurisdictions across the country. Kris Hundley, Brockovich Teams Up With Local Firm, St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 21, 2006. Many of these complaints have already been dismissed . . .

Roy F. Harmon III at Health Plan Law explains why this one failed too (Mar. 13). For more, see Jun. 22 and Nov. 18, 2006 as well as, on the general Brockovich phenomenon, my October 2000 treatment in Reason.


  • Good news, but unfortunately, she only has to prevail once; the hospitals have to pitch a shutout. And if she does, all the other trial lawyers in the country will be circling like vultures.

  • And no judge has fined her so far , amazing