• Congratulations David. Just think, I knew you when you were a nobody. I hope you demanded that your pay be doubled.

  • Welcome, David!

    (I may have missed it but just out of curiosity, what is the relation between you and Richard?)

  • Yes, we have enjoyed your posts. Or, maybe, ‘enjoyed’ isn’t the correct word. See, generally, we read Dave Barry for enjoyment, and then we tool over here to Overlawyered to see what news there is on the legal front. Article after article affonts us at the nonsense going in this allegedly “all men created equal” sort of country. We eventually reach such a level of outrage, that we quiveringly direct the mouse to the bookmarks file and try to calm outselves with a selection of web comics and youtube, until we can continue our working day.

    So, thanks, David, for bringing us such a high quality of the articles that we don’t like to read. đŸ™‚

  • Congratulations. Be sure to always keep his water dish clean.

  • Peter, as Charlie Chan would say, David is my number 1 son.

  • 1) I’ve never seen the man before in my life, Peter.

    2) You’re welcome, Griffin3. I think.

    3) Walter won’t let me leave; he’s got me chained in the basement. I’m just blogging until the rescue team arrives.

    Seriously, I’m glad to be here, and I’d just like to thank the Overlawyered crew, the producer, the director, and my agent, and of course my wife. You like me. You really like me.